Let the waters under the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear. - Genesis 1:9

I want to thank you for making an inquiry about my availability to speak at your church or event. Please note that your request for this information in no way obligates you to extend an invitation to me. I want you to commit with me in prayer to determine the Lord's will and timing for such ministry as creation apologetics.

Generally, I am available at any time during the week and especially on weekends, so timing should not be a problem (except under unusual circumstances).

If we concur that it is God's will for me to accept your invitation, CCM will make all travel arrangements (if necessary).

I do not require a set fee for this ministry, an appropriate honorarium and travel expenses would be appreciated. If you have specific questions about costs, please contact me at (tommy@creationconnection.org). The check for this honorarium should be made payable to Creation Connection Ministries.

If you wish to submit an invitation, please put it in writing and answer as many of the following questions as you can. After I have received the form, I will commit your request to prayer and respond as soon as I am able.


What are the precise dates you would like for Tommy to come? (Please include alternate dates.)

How many times would you like for Tommy to speak?

How long will he have for each session? Do you want him to conduct a Question and Answer time at any point?

How many people do you anticipate attending each session?

Tommy would like to have a book table to sell creation related resources, does your church have a policy against this?

What topic would you like Tommy to discuss (Dinosaurs, creation/evolution debate, age of the earth, Genesis flood, week of creation, worldview/apologetics, origin of man, etc.)? If you are unsure, please say "undecided" and Tommy can discuss options at a later time.

Thank you for considering Tommy and Creation Connection Ministries.