Dinosaurs and Feathers; Evidence Still Lacking!

The more I read about proof of dinosaurs having feathers the more skeptical I grow about it. There is such a great push to demonstrate that dinosaurs evolved into birds that it causes me to distrust much of the "alleged" evidence.  Good science does not function well when the outcome is predetermined.  As scientists, we proceed by following the evidence and considering all possibilities; this is not happening in the world of dinosaur feathers.  When the true evidence of dinosaur feathers is rightly pused forward and studied we begin to see other possibilities come to light; chiefly that soft tissue such as tendons, ligaments and muscles could cause some of the bone scarring that is being touted as proof of feathers.  

All I am saying is don't get swayed on this, the evidence is just not there yet. Remember, if it turns out dinosaurs had feathers this is still not proof of evolution only that God chose to put feathers on dinosaurs.

In Him