Where is the Promise of His Coming?

No matter how aware we are of the imminence of Christmas we always seem to be caught off-guard by its arrival. On top of our surprise is the pressure we feel from retailer’s relentless push for us to purchase things we do not really need. The marketing machine of consumerism spins its web of deals, sales and extended hours to lure us (and our wallets) into the clutches of over-worked sales clerks. The pace of life quickens at Christmas bringing our “all-to-busy” lifestyles to the brink of calamity.

Oh, but there will always be the joy of the Christmas season…right?!

“And God Said” Week 4, Part 1: Dinosaurs and the Bible

Tommy unfolds the mystery of dinosaurs from the Bible.  All too often, Christians fail to recognize the naturalistic philosophies that get tangled up with their beliefs and understanding of the history of the world.  Dinosaurs are not proof of millions of years or evolution, they demonstrate the grandeur of God's creative power.

“And God Said” Week 2 Part 1: Genesis Insights

This is from Week 2 of a Bible study Tommy was leading at Community Bible Church in Brentwood, TN.  Tommy looks at the text of Genesis 1 and considers some of the key points of this very important text. 

A Return To Babel

After the water of the Genesis flood subsided, God told Noah to, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.” Within a few hundred years, mankind was building a city and tower in defiance of God’s command, rather than trusting in His sovereign control over the planet. Today, “save the planet” movements such as the global warming thriller, “An Inconvenient Truth” or Earth Day celebrations, hearken back to the early, post-flood days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel through their “self-preservation” philosophies.

Rooting Our Children in Genesis

As Christian parents, educators and mentors, we want our children to hear the gospel message, understand the meaning of the cross and be transformed by the truths in its proclamation, but as leaders of this upcoming generation, we have failed mightily to root this message in genuine history of the world as found in the early chapters of Genesis.

We have turned our noses up at the book of Genesis because...

Peace Found in Creation and the Creator

As I sit in a screened-in porch in a cabin just outside of Maryville, TN, I am captured by the simplicity of God’s creation; a babbling brook, chirping birds and gently swaying trees all existing in peaceful harmony. This picture is in stark contrast to the noise and chaos that populates a typical day back in the real world; cell phones ringing, deadlines to meet, social networking being maintained, children’s practices to attend, etc. Sometimes the noise and chaos from life comes from within my own head. Moments of peace and quiet can be just as elusive in my mind as anywhere. Couldn’t we all use a few more “screened-in porch” moments in our lives?

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