Let the waters under the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear. - Genesis 1:9

he first five words in the Bible, “In the beginning God created…” stand as the foundation of the entire Spirit inspired work of the Bible. It is here we find an infinite God revealing Himself to His finite creation, man.

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My Dinosaur Dig Adventure

August 06, 2011

Dreams are worth waiting for; after 43 years God fulfilled a dream by providing me with the opportunity to take my digging tools to the great state of Montana and spend the week digging up dinosaur bones on Otis Kline’s dinosaur bone ranch.  Ever since I was a little boy, dinosaurs have held a great fascination for me and so my time on the ranch digging in the dirt was my first chance to invest in the work of digging, enjoy the thrill of discovery and work through the patience of excavation. 


My big find, a T Rex digit

From my youth, the only contact I had with dinosaurs was through the eyes of someone else; their pen, pencil or photograph revealed in books or movies.  When you think about it, very few of us ever have the opportunity to pull a dinosaur bone out of the ground anyway.  We are held captive by the images of the excavator or the artist with their views and preconceptions about an ancient world thrust upon us.  Paleontology is a fairly small and exclusive field of study, yet the mental picture they paint for us greatly influences our thinking.  An obvious disregard for the history of the Bible is easily cloaked behind grand sounding insights, vast hours of field work and education in a field which we know little to nothing about.

However, when you excavate a dinosaur bone with your own hands and tools, you are reminded of two facts; first they don’t come out of the ground with information tags and second, the nature of the burial must have been quite intense.  Within 10 feet of where I found this T Rex bone, others in our team found a Triceratops toe bone, hadrosaur vertebrae and multiple pieces of turtle shell.  The nature of the burial looked more like a catastrophic mixing bowl than some slow and gradual proces taking millions of years to accomplish.

This time afforded me the luxury of seeing dinosaur bones with my own eyes as I pulled them out of the ground.  This time my insights were not limited to a book or movie…how refreshing. 


Tyrannosaurs Rex finger bone

Going on a dinosaur dig, such as this one, was more than just fulfilling a childhood dream, this time also connects with my desire to bring back insights about what I have seen and learned.  Through study of Genesis and creation, God is showing me how to…

  1. Help people see the misleading influences of naturalism.  Naturalism is the belief that everything exists through natural, unguided processes (read no God allowed)  This is simply a denial of our Creator and His sovereign control over His creation.
  2. Show people that the Bible represents a true history of the world.  I do not mind being seen as a young earth creationist, but I prefer people see me as someone who trusted God with the ability to communicate real history where needed; Genesis 1-11 is one of those places.
  3. Encourage Christians to build their thinking on the firm foundation of the Bible in general and Genesis specifically.  There is an anti-God, anti-gospel message that seeks to lead people away from the truth of the Bible and the cross.  As Paul exorted the church at Corinth, we “destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5
  4. Equip Christians to be prepared to…
    “in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect”.

    1 Peter 3:15 ESV

  5. Present the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is a great deal we can learn by seeing our world through the lens of the Bible, but the great message of scripture is the good news.  Jesus hung on a cross in our place and bore a debt that was yours and mine to pay.  He satisfied the wrath of God and made a way for the lost to be redeemed.  So, as Christians, we have been given new life, justified and declared righteous.  All of this through the work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Prayerfully consider how Creation Connection Ministries might be a part of encouraging your ministry by proclaiming the truth of the gospel by standing firmly upon the literal history of Genesis.

Grace be with you,



Terra Nova, Not the New Earth I Am Looking For

November 22, 2011

Recently, Fox aired its newest TV show titled “Terra Nova”. As a guy who seeks to stay tuned in with the “comings and goings” of dinosaurs, this seemed like something I should check out since the previews were full of these grand creatures. Digging bones out of the ground is really cool, but I also pay attention to the mass produced cultural impact dinosaurs make too.

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A Return To Babel

August 15, 2011

After the water of the Genesis flood subsided, God told Noah to, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.” Within a few hundred years, mankind was building a city and tower in defiance of God’s command, rather than trusting in His sovereign control over the planet. Today, “save the planet” movements such as the global warming thriller, “An Inconvenient Truth” or Earth Day celebrations, hearken back to the early, post-flood days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel through their “self-preservation” philosophies.

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